Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Latest Thrifty Finds - End of August

Ahhh, August.

So many yard sales and so little room in my garage to justify buying any of it.
I passed up many a great deal this summer.

I didn't get these little apple banks
(so WA appropriate, apples and all)
or the apple green bottles
(which would have been great with a find that I DID end up buying).

 Never fear, I found plenty.
 I may have had to pass on these globes

Seeing as I might or might not have
gone on a globe buying binge
in my trips this August

I found other really great school inspired
vintage goodness too

Like this cute little microscope

For some reason,
after I found one of these vintage wooden cars
all of a sudden, I started seeing them all over

Then, when I was hanging out in the old textiles
(my fave part of any thrift store, in case you're wondering)
I found this (forgive the photo - just know that I did NOT unfold it at the store)

This is gigantic!
As in, not home pole worthy.
As in, I will finally have a huge flag bunting
to hang off of the top of the back 2nd story deck
next Fourth of July.
Or Memorial Day.

I can't wait!

Also, as we finish out the entry way,
I picked these two display boxes up

And I also picked up all these keys and wood plaques

My husband would say to me
as I walked in the house with yet another
large bowl or white serving platter
"Just who are you having over for dinner?"

Then we hosted 50 or so of our closest friends/colleagues and their families for the Boeing Classic.
Next year, we are so catering that gig.

Finally, I picked up a few little odds and ends
Like this wooden airplane (planes and cars...if only I could find some more boats)
and this little mini cloche and some mini clay pots

The only piece of furniture I picked up was this cabinet
Which I've yet to stage and photograph

It is on the wall to the right in this photograph.
Which reminds me that I picked up more wicker rounds.
That's kind of a given though.

I picked up these FANTASTIC glass gallon jars with handles.
I did the coolest thing with them.  And he (who shall not be named)
promptly asked me what the clusterf%(#* hanging from his ceiling was.


Last and fave finds to share.

I think I might have actually found these end of July.
The two large square sailboat photos.
I think they are my priciest buy this year at $10 a piece not on sale.
They are Micheal Kahn.
Yeah.  I snapped those up real quick.

And at the foot of the bed.
I almost died when I spotted it.
Vintage. Authentic. In mint condition.
Also found in July

Life is so good when we're thrifting.

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  1. All great finds - even the ones you where able to leave behind. Really love the keys.

  2. Love the keys, I too would not pass those up!

  3. LOVE your finds. I should post mine one of these days. So miss chatting with you!


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