Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Go Already | Oregon Coast

If you ever check out our about us page
or our FAQs
you would see that we claim to be the traveling type.
To that, it only makes sense that,
occasionally at least,
I write about that.

So here goes nothing!
Ready. Set. Go!

Where are we going?
The Oregon Coast

I especially love, Cannon Beach, OR
because of Haystack Hill State Park.

Also lots of great surf (and surfer) watching spots in 
Gearhart and Seaside (north)
and south near Manzanita (Oswald State Park West)
to check out the surfers in Smuggler Cove.

IF you don't love crowds,
you should go right on the cusp of the seasons 
(start of summer or end).

Who goes to Oregon Coast (Canon Beach) anyways?
People who love ice cream from Osburns.
Tough guys who wear pink
(aka, not Robert).

Also, wannabe divaettes
with a star on the beach.

Oh and people who LOVE sunset walks on the beach.
And those who love night time bonfires on the beach.

Why are we going to the Oregon Coast (Canon Beach), again?
Did I not mention the gorgeous sunsets over all of the haystacks?
The colors are so vivid and pure.
Often, because it is the coast
there are gorgeous clouds
that add to the sunset too.

And the waves are just so perfect.  
Not too crazy, not too serene.

And if you can get up early enough for a sunrise...
talk about a treat!

What is there to see and do there?
Before we hit Gearhart and Seaside,
we came across a really great Mexican spot on HWY101.

And there are so many lookout spots 
to pull over and take a peek.

If you like dairy products,
you should taste Tillamook Cheese
in Tillamook, OR.

And of course, you have to make time
Even the beginners are fun to watch.

There are all sorts of inns and resorts to stay at
and many of them (on the cusp of the season)
have great specials to get rooms filled.

Well before Groupon and Living Social, 
I found a great deal online
at a place that isn't open anymore
but only cost us $125 per night
for three nights.

That is CHEAP for Cannon Beach
but we had a fireplace
a kitchen
and a great little cute Queen bed
(we are tall, we usually do a King).

During the day, 
you have to check out the sand dunes
and the cliffs 
with the awesome caves below

Just don't get too close to the edge.
Especially where they have intentionally 
roped off said edges.

About a week after our trip out there,
we heard on the news
about a kid whose family was trying to take a family photo
on the edge
and you know what happened next right?
One of the kids fell off.
He survived.
But he probably never wants to see 
another cliff/dune in his life.

All so that mom could get the cool summer photo.
When will folks learn?
Postcard shots are just as good.

Because that is, of course,
what else we do
everywhere we go.

Play nature photographer.
In this case,

When is the best time to go?
Honestly, not the middle of summer.
For one, you won't find a place to stay.

I like to go either at the very end of summer
so that you can start to get some of the end of season storms start to roll in (kind of hard to plan for)
or just on the cusp of the seasons.

If you want sunset shots and the requisite sunshine, 
you'll need to obey the usual
Pacific Northwest rules to
wait until after July 4 to plan for sun.

This is definitely a doable weekend trip. 
Especially if you can take an extra day (or two)
and make it a three or four day go.

Don't go on a holiday weekend.
This is the heart of touristville
and you WILL be miserable
waiting in lines
that are really not made
to accommodate thousands.

All said, it is WORTH 
going during the summer
if you like to hike.

And if you like to take photos.
Of neat things.
Like sunsets, surfers, Haystacks and stalkees.

Stop babbling and just show me more photos:
Point and shoot away.
In the middle of the road
or even in a beach side dugout.

Go forth and have beachy fun.

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