Sunday, August 7, 2011

Latest Thrifty Finds

A while ago,
I stopped by an estate sale
that my better half actually found for me.

See, we had gone to the church sale in Snoqualmie propper
And I left behind a wood, wheeled chair
That I was convinced I could repair and make into an awesome
office chair.
For $5.

I was pouting about leaving it behind.
wishing I had gone to sales on my own.

When he spotted the estate sale sign
on the way to the yard sale
where all I got were some lousy wreaths

You can probably see in that shot,
that he more than made up for the grump enducing
fun making he was having at my expense
about The Chair.
Yes, Capital T, Capital C.

At the estate sale,
I picked up three items I've been wanting to collect
for a while now:

 zinc flower tub
A clear demijohn
Glass Fishing floats

Could have called it a day and been in heaven.
But we took our chances at the Ridge sales.

I was under the impression that one of the sales
is basically a kiddie sale
(all kid stuff, all the time).

We drove down a street at the end of the sales.
And low and behold, the rocking chair I desperately wanted
was in the driveway.

I blew past the real beauty of this sale
but because I really don't have "empty"
begging for furniture spots in my home
my better half wasn't 100% sold.

And really.
What do I need a rocking chair for?

Instead, I bought this beauty for $3

All in all,
I would say
it was almost as good
as the first set of Ridge sales this year

A bit pricier (the fishing floats were a good price, but he knew what he was selling)
but worth it

Even managed to pick up some more vintage books (free)
and some piano flashcards (also free | Freecycle).


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  1. I'm so curious how much you got those floats for LOVE them! stopping by from SH :-)

  2. Finding glass buoys is one of my ultimate vintage goals. Love them! Nice find. Thanks for stopping by.


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