Sunday, August 21, 2011

Learn from Me | DIY Sunburst Mirror Fail

I think I might start a new series.
I shall call it "Learn from Me"

Or really, you could probably learn from other bloggers
if they would only come back and tell you
that the nifty shortcut they suggested
would fail miserably in t-minus 31 hours.

As you know,
everyone and their mother
has made a wood shim sunburst mirror.
I even made one that I showed you here

Now I am back.
To honestly show you
Just how well that glue gun option worked.


Honestly, I started out with clean wood shims
and a notion to use construction adhesive

The construction adhesive had other ideas.
Namely, it wanted to play like the Sahara (aka, hard and dry).

I figured because I was using floral rings for support,
the glue gun would be fine

(thank you blogger for being a punk about formatting right now...)

I even finished off my mirror with a little 
embroidery hoop frame
and some fanciful staining techniques
with some leftover stain I had

And it was gorgeous.
Then it fell apart the very next night.

it was just one shim or two that came
well, literally they lost it and came unglued.

Then, I took it down.
I put it into the room we shall not talk about.

I picked up some wood superglue
And I picked up said mirror
And I'll be damned if another bazillion shims didn't fall off.
Oh, and the mirror - the heavy part - stayed put.


And I'm here to tell you that super glue from the dollar store
is a no go.  Save your pennies.

After cussing (maybe more than once)
I went to Wal Mart and picked up some of this stuff

People swear by it.
I swore AT it.

It did NOT fix my mirror.
Even after I carefully scraped
ALL of that gunky hot glue residue off.

Finally I sucked it up and bought some more construction adhesive
Which was right after I realized I have no idea where my caulking gun is.

Big Lots to the rescue.
Maybe, in about 8 months, I'll have an update.
And by then, it will be so passe, but still so totally loved.

As it is, the space I was GOING to hang this in (the stairwell)
was finally adorned with something else.
A yardsale find of course.
A great yardsale find.

Till then.
Miserable fail.

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