Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheap Gardener

I admit it
I'm never going to pay a landscape architect
(sorry Cornellians)
to plany my yard for me

To design my firepit/swimmable water feature...
that is a different story.

But for my garden,
I am really fortunate that I have a very green thumb.

I stick it in the ground
or I forget to stick it in the ground for a few weeks

and the next year
I get these

I am cheap.
Aside from the clearance,
no really, just take them because they are dead
pots of plants I bring home regularly from
Home Depot and Lowes,

I also have a super secret supplier up the road
who sales GORGEOUS
peris mostly (you know, the ones that come back)
for dirt cheap wholesale prices

To the public.

Large plot of land,
but I like how uncrowded it is.
Not that the masses read my blog
but also, it starts getting close to home
if I post that address

But if you really want to know
and you live in East King County
(you know, not really Seattle)
let me know.

I would even say with $50 in your pocket,
it is worth the gas to come from the south and north ends
and even the west side. 
You will leave with a carload of

If they don't bloom the color they are labeled
or don't perform spectacularly for you
You get a credit to come get some more
Fred (oops) might even have a way of getting you your funds back.

Yes, because, you see,
to pay, you write on a slip of paper what you took
and you either tightly fold up some bills
and slip them into the cash box
OR, I've seen folks leave IOUs
OR, I've seen folks slip in a $50
(there is no change available,
unless there is the rare other shopper on site)
and shop on "credit" for a couple of visits.

It is awesome.
It is what I love about small town living.
Yes, this "city" girl said it.

Another great source for me
is Grocery Outlet.

Yes. Grocery Outlet.

This time of year,
they often have out tomato plants
(I got two on my way to Costco for their plants which I skipped this year)
I am growing one plant upside down (it is HUGE)
and the other traditional
We shall see which I like better.

But, of course, you know what else I got
at Grocery Outlet

Thought I would not like pink ones.
I thought so wrong.

Especially next to the
tall, yellow spikes of Columbine
and the heavenly lavendar and purple allium

I love this time of year.

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  1. Ooh, I LOVE hydrangea and wish I had a green thumb. You would be really embarrassed to see my flower bed right now....

    And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog post today. It was fun to write!


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