Friday, July 29, 2011

Fave Garden Pickings 2011

By far, my fave bouquet of the year:

I grew those Peonies!
And yes, there were only three that bloomed.

But they were so easy, 
so carefree,
and totally going to be like my whole garden next year.

Well, once I leave room for these:


I will totally do these again next year.
Even though summer was short here,
there is all sorts of great color in the yard.

And, I finally found
and beautiful purple bearded iris

Truly, my garden should be shades
of yellow, purple and white
to best go with the house.

But I love pink.
I can't help it.

What is popping up in your yard lately?

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  1. I barely even knew what a peony was a few weeks ago. Then a client asked me to paint them and I've been stuck on them ever since. I can't grow diddly-squat, so I just paint flowers :p

    Beautiful bouquet! TFS. Dropping by from Wow us Weds.

  2. I LOVE peonies! Mine bloomed for a short time in May. It's been a hot and humid summer here. In the 90s-100s now for a month with the humidity to match! My garden continues to bloom in spite of my neglect! I found you on Wow us Wednesday. Stop by and say hi!

  3. Your photography is beautiful! I love the way the sun is shining through the window. The peonies are stunning!


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