Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Master Bedroom Update - Authentic, vintage blanket

LOVE that vintage
authentic blanket
that I picked up for a song.

Finally starting to fill the wall with
sail art.

Loving the blue, green, orange

I didn't think they would all go either.

For me, I tend to throw frames on the wall
to get a feel for spacing.

Then, when I've got it all together
I paint them to "match"
and/or get pieces reframed that need it.

I just picked up some mini
navy blue lamp shades
For some little sassy brassy lamps.

I actually like them all as is
but I might break out the spray paint
on those ladies.

Especially since I also have a pair of wicker shades
that I might try.

Maybe a great green
or blue color on the lamps.

We shall see.

Some faves still in this room

Still collect vintage alarm clocks.
Still loving the Italian wine bottles.


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