Friday, July 1, 2011

In the Meantime | Mother In Law Suite

I should just call it
the "my mama" suite
because it is far more likely
my mama will move in
than his mama

Which suits us both well (for my mama to move in)
any day now mom

Anyhow, I decorate this space with mom in mind.

Many of you remember this oar

that almost ended up repurposed in the bathroom
before it actually ended up hanging out
on this nautical flag wall

for the moment,
at least.

If I ever get up the gumption time
to finally paint some furniture

And if I ever decide to find a spot already
for the oar to permanently live

then I might go from this in the MIL Suite's main bedroom

to something more like this

Still not sure what I want do to about the beast in the OTHER corner
I'm too chicken to e-do it,
let alone take a real paintbrush to her.

You'll need to bounce to that link and tell me what YOU think I should do.
I'm counting on you to bail me out already.

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