Friday, July 15, 2011

MIL Guest Room In Progress

In our MIL Suite
There are actually two bedrooms.

Which is perfect.
Because my mother is pretty much guardian
to my oldest nephew.

So she can have a room.
And he can have a room.

I'd of course let that teenager
do his room as he wanted.

But for now,
this is the MIL Suite Guest bedroom
in progress.

I LOVE striped bedding.

There's a blank wall by the bed

I think I'll hit the
to do something like this

NYPL is free for personal use.
And it is extensive and awesome.

As it is
I will have to take photos
of the bird wall.

bird sketches
for coloring in
out of an
"I can Color" kit
that cost me all of .99
as the Thirfty Find of the week
for 26 prints.

Vintage coloring books/pages
are some of my fave DIY supplies.

Now you want to see the photo eh?
When we're back in the saddle
I'll get them up.

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