Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crafting from the Sidelines - Round 2 (Upcycled)

Welcome to the official second contest of ***Crafting from the Sidelines!*** 
Jennifer over at Northeast of Eden contacted a few of us who didn't make it into the finalists for Crafting with the Stars over at SewDangCute Crafts.
We were all game to play along in an effort to "practice" for next time.  Okay, maybe that was just me.
In any event, Jennifer summed it up nicely on her blog:
"  This contest is really little more than crafting along with those rockstars over at Crafting with the Stars. Come along, join in on the fun! no commitment, not many rules, join in anytime (if you miss a competition, no big deal- try to beat our butts on the next one ) and meet some other crafty bloggers. No prizes other than a virutal pat-on the back and the awesome title of "WINNER". This weeks theme is Knock-off. Find something you really like in a magazine or on a blog and you do it better or cheaper or with more pazazz. You have until Monday, Oct 3. Then polls will open for 24 hours and you can put down your glue gun and rally some votes. Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available. On Oct. 4th, will have a place to post your entries on their site and they have a REAL prize. FANCY and loads of viewers. "
Here are the rules folks: 
1)  Post an awesome self-made craft on your blog.  Link back to this post so that others can find the linky list.

I'm a moron and can't figure out how to get the actual Linky Code.
So.  I'm going on vacation.  If I have a moment this weekend, I'll try to figure it out.  Otherwise, sorry, but I'll figure it out on Tuesday when I'm back.

In the meantime, just leave a LINK TO YOUR BLOG POST WITH YOUR PROJECT in the comments of this post.  That will get you more page views and I'll manually go through and pull a photo from each of your blogs and do a whole new post with direct links back to your blogs (also good for traffic.  Sorry so clueless.

  You don't have to post a button, but Please copy and paste this line into your blog post:

I'm linking up to Round 2 of Crafting from The Sidelines

That way, other folks who want to link up and find where to leave a link to their blog.

2)  vote at 
3) vote here by "liking" your fave projects, leaving a comment about your project and encouraging your friends to do the same (this will be so much more fun if we all meet some new followers to brag over our haute crafteur). Take a moment to visit your fave's blogs and leave them some love if you have a moment.
3) Post the winner on your own blog so that sidelines crafter can get a little extra bloglove. 
So... On with the crafting and the posting!

Here's a link to my project 

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Then stalk us already! 
Scroll down, join the site and become a follower!
Promise not to stalk you back. Unless you want us to. 


  1. Cool! happy vacation! and I got the direct link up at my place.

  2. Hey there. Here is my project:) Looking forward to seeing everyone's projects!

  3. Thanks for hosting this week! Off to explore your blog!
    Here is my entry, it's a ruffle wreath made from the tab tops of my curtains. :)

  4. Hope vacation was restful and thanks for hosting! Here is my entry, a purse made entirely from stuff around the house.

  5. Here's my project, Ugly Oven Mit Fix

  6. I made new shoes :) Check it out {I share the how too}

  7. Ladies, I've posted the feature and voting blogpost. And, you each have a new follower. Such GREAT projects. My upcycle was really...well...really. Ya'll rock.



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