Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project 6: Lucky Balls (DIY for Busy Gals)

31 minute project

You'll need:

Ping Pong Balls
Letter Stickers
Gloss Lustre Mod Podge
Glass dish (or other slick surface for drying)
Small paint brush

You are going to create these:

In pictures:

For the readers:
1. Gather your balls and stickers
2.Also your mod podge and a small paint brush
3.Peel sticker off (I ended up using two colors, red and black)
4. Place sticker on ball.  Make sure edges are smoothed down.
5.I stuck it to all of my balls before slathering them with the Podge.

6. I started with a pretty big glob of Mod Podge on the actual letter
7. Then I smoothed it out and made sure the whole half of the ball was covered
8. I dropped mine on a glass dish to dry.
8b. Once tacky, I flipped them over and painted the back half.
9. Once dry, if not shiny enough for you, throw on another coat.

I love how these are like the ceramic balls out there.
Of bingo balls if you are hardcore and don't need a stinking letter
to know that 4 is B4.

Just saying.
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