Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 3: A Rocky Collection (DIY for Busy Gals)

31 minute project

You'll need:

Ultra Fine and Fine Point Black Sharpies
White Sharpie Paint Pen

You are going to create these:

In pictures:

For the readers:
1. Gather your rocks (I got mine from the yard).
2. Grab your sharpies (I like white paint because it layers nicely)
3.Start simple; a dot here, a dot there.
4. Admire your handiwork.
5.Branch out with your designs. Or,copy mine.

6. Be equal opportunity with them black and white pens.
7. Get crazy and duotone with it.
8. Intermarry those two pens (this IS the Merikle household after all)
9. Rock on with your bad, artistic self.

Who knew you were an artiste?
Now you do.
And you don't even have to pay someone Etsy
to doodle on rocks for you.
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  1. Hi, here is my project,

  2. those are so cool. I love how you used the different sharpies. I love silver sharpies. They rock! lol... get it!?


  3. although, you didn't use a silver sharpie pen... I thought the white sharpie was a silver one...


    1. I am way WAY too cheap for a silver or gold sharpie. Although that would have been HOT. Took everything in me to buy a white paint sharpie on sale with a coupon...



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