Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project 9: Eyeball Wall Hanging (DIY for Busy Gals)

This is a vintage post from B3Home Designs Part 1.
It was posted on Augst 30, 2010

31 minute project
You'll need:
Kraft Paper
Small head nails
A window with blinds
Eyeballs (preferably, your own)

You are going to eyeball how to hang your art
like I did with these bird plates:

So I'm not really going to hang eyeballs
on the wall.
Not anytime soon at least.

I do have top down honeycombs
on most of my windows.
{edited to delete “what my dining room looks like now” commentary}

By now, we all know
that I'm a pretty lazy DIYer
Not "lazy"
Just crunched for time
and always looking for a shortcut
So here's my latest shortcut
for hanging similar items evenly
on either side of a window.

Start with your blinds pulled all the way up
(note: they don't have to be top downs,
i used the bottom edge to do my eyeballing)
I pulled my blinds down about 6 inches
and used the bottom edge of the blinds
to be the top edge of the paper cut out
of my piece that I was hanging

Tacked the paper to the wall
on each side of the window
like this:

I pulled the blinds down some more
remember, I just eyeballed this
so no idea how many inches.
I was hanging three on each side,
so I just pulled the blinds down
about halfway down the window

After the halfway pull
I pulled them down again
about 6 - 8 inches
again, eyeball it

If instead of just using flat tacks
you actually use smallhead nails you will use
to hang your art,
you can actually pull your paper placeholders
right off the wall
and the nails will pull right through the paper
And if you just throw your art down on a bit
of butcher block paper
and trace the outter edge
you'll have paper placeholders for your art
that you can tape up
before you knock a billion holes into your wall

Just saying.
Happy crafting
and don't forget
to check out this post on
how to make what I hung up
Check out what's to come with 31 DIY projects for Busy Gals by clicking the log above.

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