Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project 8: Getting Framed (DIY for Busy Gals)

61 minute project

You'll need:

(ie, like prints from books sold by Antiquariaat Jan Meemelink)

Very cheap dollar store frames
("wood design" frames are my fave)

Black paint
container for paint

(I used Scotch Blue and regular old scotch tape)

kraft paper/brown wrapping paper

You are going to create these:

In pictures:

For the readers:
1. Print your art.
I searched online for Yellow Compositae Flowers and found 8 I liked.

2. Grab your supplies (see list above)

3.Start slathering paint onto your frames.
I did three thin coats total

4. Wrap the cardboard inserts that come in your frame with kraft paper
5. I snipped out my corners for less bulky corner folds
6. Then I stopped being so fancy and just blue Scotch taped the hell out of it.
7.Quite the little present (sheet of cardboard that it was)
8. Use clear adhesive on the back of art to adhere to wrapped sheet of cardboard.
9. Eyeball it (live dangerously) and hang in chosen spot.

Yes. I am THAT good at getting grids perfectly straight just eyeballing it.
I'm retentive that way and it finally has turned out to be good for something.
Letting go of perfection...
Now you do.

And you don't even have to pay someone Etsy
to doodle on rocks for you.

What have you framed today?
Check out what's to come with 31 DIY projects for Busy Gals by clicking the log above.

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