Sunday, October 30, 2011

October - Found Out and About

Not all of these items were found in October.
But I am getting around to share what I've found lately.
You know that vintage wire baskets are hard to find.
Mine was $5, half off blue tags (means it was $2.50) from Goodwill.
Also finally found some great wine jugs. 2.99 each.

I have been looking for colored glasses for a while now.
I especially wanted some in fall colors.
These are two small to be truly practical.
But I loved the swirls, the color and the price (.69 each).
I found the bowls (.99 each) right after I had given up
and decided that I was going to use wood salad bowls instead.
The plate is for my yet to be realized adventure
into diversifying my plate wall.
Beyond black and white eh?

If you didn't know it before, I am a sucker for textiles.

My "linen" closet is proof of that.

From farther away, the ledge is super cozy
and it really sets off my growing African mask collection.

Happy thrifting!


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