Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Things I'd Rather Do Than Chores - Listable Life

just launched a Listable Life meme

And because, I clearly blog too much
(not so much)
and I really want to share more than just snippets of my life
(and diy and hoarding collecting),
here we go.

Week 1 Listable Life:
10 Things I'd rather do instead of chores.

* Listen to filthy music on Pandora.
     Southern Boys Radio is my fave station right now. Country Sh*t gets the most airtime. Southern rap.
     Outkast, Lil Wayne, Luda, Rhi Rhi, Beyonce, Jay Z...and then the real hard stuff...

* Watch filthy girls on Bravo.     @NeneLeeks from Real Housewives of Atlanta is my girl.  She's trying my patience.
     Waiting impatiently for my Gretchen fix on Season 7 of Real Housewives of Orange County.

     Those are the only two I watch. Honestly...
* Feed off of Feedler (or my BlogRoll)
     I need a better iPhone app for blog reading.  As it stands, I am a star spangled fool on Feedler.

* Read. Paper books (hard and paper back, but rarely ebooks).
     I just did this post on the 52 I'm reading in 2012. My Pinterest Book Board  has +some more.

* Get lost on the Frontier(ville)
      I'm FollowingB on Facebook when I'm not managing my B3HDtheBLOG page.
      I might spend a little bit too much time building up an awesome frontier (or city or...)

* Obsess over my blog stats (I'm a number geek, I can't lie)
     Seriously.  I have a spreadsheet, with goals, and rewards.  All it needs are pivot tables.

* Get Thrifty with it
     I know the colors coded sale calendar by heart. You know what I'm talking about.
     Salvation Army is good but @SeattleGoodwill is my first, current and likely only true love.
     Well, and St. Vincent de Paul...

* Sim(ulate)
     It has been a while, but if I REALLY needed an aversion, I'd reboot SimCity4 or The Sims.
     To be fair, I almost wanted to be a city planner because I got to play SimCity (the original) in school.
     And also, I wanted to be an explorer/pioneer because I also played the Oregon Trail in school.
     They called at that computer playing "gifted" programming.  Hey, I got into Cornell (and graduated).

* Turn on the Grow Lights
     My Granny (bless her soul) was a resourceful southerner who grew stuff.  That's what she left me.
     Even in the dead of winter, I grow stuff.  In season, yes, I grow peas
     No, You won't catch me growing watermelon.

* Intervene with my Hoarded stash of Kiddie Sparkles
     Some folks might say I watch too much TV. 
     But when you cut out the 14 minutes of commercials in an average 1 hour show with a Tivo...

     I limit my consumption to the good stuff - Intervention, Hoarders and Toddlers & Tiaras.
     Don't you judge me. You know Mackenzie is your faves too! You can like her on Facebook!

You know, sometimes, I actually just prefer to do my chores (smile).
How about you?
Linking up with the Listable Life gals...

What are some things you like to do while avoiding chores?


  1. Stopping over from #SITS31DBBB...count me as a new follower! Look forward to being blog buddies! ;)

  2. I love this list! I loved "listen to filthy music and watch filthy TV" I watch Orange County and NYC housewives. :-)

    1. Just a little bit longer until OC is back! I could never get into NYC. Even though I went to school upstate and knew quite a few NYC kids, I just don't get it. Hotlanta is my people (acting crazy) and OC is where my hubby is from. I've been to most of the places they go to and it's like "really, that place isn't that hot..."

  3. PS: I hope you'll link up this coming Tuesday too! :-)


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