Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just Go Already | Monterey Peninsula

If you ever check out our about us page 
or our FAQs
you would see that we claim to be the traveling type.
To that, it only makes sense that,
occasionally at least,
I write about that.

So here goes nothing!
Ready. Set. Go!

Where are we going?
Monterey | Pebble Beach | Pacific Grove, CA

Who goes to the Monterey Peninsula anyways?
Lots of rich people go there.
And live there.
In gorgeous gated communities.
And for us rich gawker/stalkers,
this is a rare chance to actually drive through
one of those gated communities
(at least partway through)
as 17 mile drive takes you
through one of Pebble Beach's gated communities.

If you like great views

of spectacular coastline,
this is one of those US drives that should be
on your bucket list.

Don't forget to take a $10 spot.
They now charge you non-resident types
to drive through the gates.

Also, if you like squirrels

and by "like" squirrels,
I mean,
are okay with them jumping up on to you
to get at the food
they are so accustomed to people feeding them.

YOU have not just watched a story
on the local news
about attack squirrels in the local park.
Like I had.
Before I ever knew what Robert had planned for me.

Live. And. Learn.

The air is crisp
and if you're game for it
(we will never be again)
you can even stop at Pebble Beach Golf Course
and grab a bite to eat at the Gallery Cafe.

I loved my deli sandwich 
(veggie, of course).

Poor Robert's Roast Beef did NOT
agree with him.

To the point that this is a really great time
to remind people
that even if you are traveling domestically
you should check to see what kind of medical coverage
your health insurance provides.

Let's just say that if your husband
doesn't want to go in the ambulance you call him
because he looks like warmed over death
and there is no way in HELL
you are getting on a plane with him
puking all over the place,
his insurance might not cover that.

And the 24 hour nurse hotline is pointless
from 900+ miles away.

I know these things.
I know these things
because I learn them the hard way.

Why are we going to the Monterey Peninsula again?
So that we can gawk at how the fortunate ones live.
And drive 17 miles
(which reminds me, if you're not local, you'll need a car)
along the prettiest stretch of coastline
you never did see.

Especially if you are afraid of heights
(for part of this drive)
or you have heard horror stories
of driving along the coast on Highway 1.
That's where you'll think you are.
So hold on tight.

Also, even if you are not a golf buff,
it is kinda cool to stand on the course at Pebble Beach 
where some of golf's greatest have had 
pretty spectacular moments.

Kind of cool to be somewhere that you can see on tv.

And for the family types
there is always the Monterey Bay Aquarium to check out.
I also want to see the Monterey Presidio when I go back.

When is the best time to go?
On a clear day, of course.
Good luck timing that one.

We got up early enough to do the drive in the morning
with a "landing time" close to lunch time
at Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Then we had a pic nic on one of the
MANY gorgeous viewpoints
of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the seaside cliffs.

From there, we completed the loop.
IF memory serves me correctly
(and that's a BIG if)
then we stayed in Seaside, CA at the Sand Castle Inn.
Or maybe it was the Seaside Inn.

Don't quote me on that.
What you CAN quote me on is how much
it was to stay outside of Monterey proper.
Just. Saying.

Stop babbling and just show me more photos:
Our first trip
(which is what this post is about)
was cut short
(scroll up, see food poisoning incident).
Just a couple pics before we made it to Pebble Beach

Remove the permanently embedded 
camera from your eye
just long enough to look through
those vintage beach binoculars

Of course the whole purpose of the trip
is to get a shot (or two or 300)
of the Lone Cypress.


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