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Project 13: Musuem Worthy Gallery Walk (DIY for Busy Gals)


Clearly, I didn't get all 31 projects done in October.
That was an ambitious task with the travel I did (17 nights away from home).

Then came Thanksgiving,
and Christmas/Kwanzaa
and then it was friggin' 20112 already!

So let's just carry on shall we?

10 minute project
(not really a project so much as an inspiration post)

You'll need:
electronic viewing device
(computer, smart phone...carrier pigeons not so good for this one)

(for looking)

(for typing, scrolling)

You are going to explore alternatives to this:

Traditional Gallery Wall

In pictures:

For the readers:

Everyone and their mama has a gallery wall in their house.
Most variations I have seen,
all focus on the frames
(the shapes, styles, colors, empty or not)
but I wanted to show you some variations on a gallery wall.


Because if you have ever been to a gallery,
you just might notice the surprisingly FEW
frames they actually have on the wall.

Here are some ideas for variations on a theme:

1. Beginner Art Collection

The focal photograph is a picture I took
at the Center for Wooden Boats Cama Beach opening

To complete: 
I chose a theme (sail boats)
and scoured thrift stores for sketches, water colors, oil paintings and photos.

2. Traveler's Wall

These are all postcards I bought at a Pow Wow
(can't remember if it was in NM or WA)

To Complete:
I took basic dollar store frames,
a sheet of kraft cardstock
and mounted the postcards in each of the frames.

3. Function Meets Form | Calendar Wall

These are all pictures snipped out of an Ansel Adams calendar
that I snagged for free off of FreeCycle.

To Complete:
I tore the photos out of a calendar,
trimmed and inserted into frames
(no matting needed)

4. Starving Artist Supply Wall

These pages were ripped out of a watercoloring book
that I snagged for 75 cents from Goodwill.

To Complete:
I tore the 6 pages out of a vintage lighthouse coloring book
I pegged them straight to the wall with tiny finishing nails

5. High Seas Code Flag Wall

These size 2 code flags were snagged for a steal ($60)
from the 2011 CWB Annual Auction.
(I might or might not have threatened to cut a sister when she tried to outbid me)

To Complete:
Stalk the silent auction at the annual CWB Auction.
Or go all out and buy some from the US Flag Store for $405

I tacked each of my flags to empty frames
(see, upper left corner, you can kind of see some frame poking through).
Finish with an oar above.

6. Vintage Regression Session Coloring Book Wall

These pages were ripped out of a coloring book
that I snagged for 25 cents from Goodwill.
(the pattern? It pays to shop the kidding books at Goodwill)

To Complete:
I tore 24 pages out of a vintage lighthouse coloring book

I pegged them straight to the wall with tiny finishing nails
Clearly, I have a thing for tiny holes in my walls.

 7. Cozy Textile Wall
This throw was one HECK of a find

(ready for it)
at the Goodwill.
and, one day, I'll blog about what I DIE for
(and spend big for)
in the textile realm.

To Complete:
I ventured bravely into the stinky textile section of my thrift store.
I peeled my eyes off of the usual Indian blankets
and held my nose.
A little dry cleaning
and it is now draped over the upper half wall/railway of my stairs.

8. W3 (Woven Wicker Wall)
These wicker rounds are a long time collection
No round cost more than 3.99, most were only $1 ea if not 50 cents half price.

To Complete:
I waited until I had a sizeable collection (18 of them)

then I eyeballed it and used nails to hang them on the wall
I fill in the gaps as I go along and have JUST started to collect vintage and tribal rounds.
Takes a bit more care to hang those, but they are awesome en masse.

9. Message Board Wall

These letters are an inexpensive way

to take my typography fix to the walls.
I could paint a chalkboard wall,
but some messages are enduring
and everyone has one of those anyhow.

To Complete:
I used a 20% off coupon from JoAnns Fabrics and Crafts
and bought these paper mache 8" letters

This project is actually NOT complete.

I'm going to paint them and properly attach them to the walls.
I'm gridtastick like that, so I actually purposefully
chose a message that resonates
(see the mountain of clothes peaking in on the right)
AND that was easy to evenly space
(4 letters per line).

There you have it.
Some unique takes on Gallery Walls
that go beyond the standard
"look at me, I painted a frame"

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