Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Traditions - Homemade Stockings 2011

I know the season is over, but I'm just breaking out the holiday pictures.
Thought I'd share some of the awesomeness that transpired.

Perhaps, it was the procastination.
Or the fascination with getting JUST the right stocking.
Or my understanding that my mama can thread a sewing machine,
so this was a convenient excuse to break out my Brother and go to town already.

I mean, I bought it because it is supposedly and easy drop and thread machine.
I guess by "easy" they meant
"you will only want to throw your machine 2 or 3 times instead of the usual 8 when trying to thread it."

So in comes mom (and my 14 year old nephew - say what?!?)
to the rescue!

We did finally get to sewing
some rather nifty stockings
out of all sorts of crazy materials.

but first, mom had to study the quickstart guide
like her citizenship depended on it.

She even enlisted the slightly smaller fingers of a teenaged boy
to try and help her get that red thread through the top loop.
Let's just say that I almost used a drill to open my sewing machine so we could thread it.

Meanwhile, my sister snipped stocking out with a pattern that I traced on the fabric...

And mom and nephew continued to try to figure out what went so very wrong.

I don't recall how they finally figured it out.
Even though my mother said "Come here, watch me do this so that you will know how."

I do know that I traced out 6 stockings,

And that it wasn't just my mom that got in on the Brother sewing fun.

We used vintage pillowcases...

and my mother told me that I was out of my mind when she saw half the fabrics I wanted to use.

We used three different red and white striped materials, a green fleece and a durable solid red.
I backed the fleece stocking with drop cloth fabric because it was flimsy.

I probably shouldn't have used a sharpie and should have used some chalk like a civilized lady.

but then this very civilized gentleman was impatient to have his turn at the sewing wheel
(I LOVE this kid and his eagerness to try new, unexpected, things)

The masterpieces.

All to hang the stockings by the tv with care.
We had a flaming screen saver up.

Somehow, the gigantic tree and assorted gifts
to a certain Merry Christmas Merikle
got a bit out of control.

So the tv/faux fire it was.

Still don't know how to thread/use my sewing machine.
Still convinced it can't be that hard.
Still not actually trying out that theory.


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  1. Hi, Bernadette! Just stopping by from our SITS group. I love meeting all of you new blog buddies. Those stocking are just adorable!

    ~ Gretchen from


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