Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Home Goals - As Told via Scrapart

I used to scrapbook.
A lot.
Then, I actually won the premier scrapbook contest.
And all hell broke loose.

Like you seriously wouldn't believe Creating Keepsakes.

All said.
I miss scrapbooking.
Have not done it in half of forever
(which, in people years is about 3 years).

So I thought I would lay out my 2012 goals
as illustrated through some of my old
(but timeless...of course)
Scrapbook pages.

here......we go!

Take more chances.
Live less guarded.
If I want yellow kitchen cabinets, then paint them already.

Plan and Do it.
Dream of Africa again.
Might as well collect kuba fabric and mudcloth direct from the source.

Never Forget.
Ashley First Puppy Merikle
Puppy proof the house. Like Yesterday.

Grow My Love.
I still don't know why, but get okay with not knowing everything.
 In the garden, just stick it in the ground already.

Do the Puyallup.
And I mean not just go again, GO again.
Enter a photo or a flower or a quilt in the show.

Scratch the Photog bug.
Take pictures with purpose again.
Yes, for the blog, but learn how to be a scientific photographer.

Get my cute back.
Yes, natural is good, but a touch of fancy is cool too.
Dress up the house every now and again. Pretty & Sparkly are cool.

Start a fire.
Preferably, on the beach.
Get super excited about the blog and make it happen this year.

Make a list.
Check it twice.
Projects and home improvement on a budget? Lists can help with that.

Play like a boy.
The rougher the better.
Learn how to use power tools. Build something useful.

Take a hike.
Clear your head up there.
Realize you will have to earn "real money" to convert the attic.

Start with a Blank Slate
Crisp, clean, waiting for something new.
Whittle the empty frame collection and get some art on the wall already.

Do the Math, Mind the Years, Get the Dream.
Intentional, not hopeful = accountable to him for our dreams.
Beachfront reality? How much closer in 2012?

Live to Learn.
Learn from and with others.
 Ask for help - especially when it comes to neat blog stuff.

One day...
Don't stop reflecting, contemplating and dreaming.
Have blog goals, meet blog goals, get blog rewards. Just like in love.

Tick, tick, tick.
Yes, that way too. Make decorating a nursery a reality this year.

Stay in Love.
Work at it.
No matter how good an idea you think it is, do NOT DIY the closet builtins with him.
Trust me on this one...Ms. Opinionated.

Play outdoors.
Even when the sun isn't out. You live in Seattle, afterall.
Start early in the garden; grow big pumpkins.

Recognition Goes a Long Way.
Acknowledge the Good in the World Around Me.
Respond to all blog comments; follow through with serious praise.
ie, don't just stick a Pin in it.

Just Learn to Kayak already.
Stop wishing and hoping and start doing.
Replace the bed.  It is time.

Sometimes, it really is just black and white.
And that just is the way it is.
You still like gray, gray and some yellow.  Always have.
Don't follow the color heard.

Fun is right in your own backyard.
You just have to leave the front yard to get there.
Get out of the house.
top pining away for Round Top and Brimfield
and just source my lovelies locally.

Listen to Your Heart.
but don't squeeze it too tight in the process.
Reconcile house and home. You live in one and you LIVE in the other.

Life is Sweet
Make the most of it.
Try my hand at a new flavor of ice cream in the Cuisinart each month.

You are not alone.
Partners make the journey worthwhile.
Do more couple's DIY and enjoy the time together.

So what do you think?
Interesting take on house and blog goals eh?
Needless to say, these 25 goals
are general life goals as well.
If I can't apply something I'm doing in life,
at this moment,
to one of these goals,
then I really need to stop doing it.

Time to get back to Pinning (smile).


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  1. What great goals! I love the way you went about telling them - those pages are gorgeous! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


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