Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 Movies of All Time - Listable Life

launchedt this weeks Listable Life meme

Here's my list this week:

Week 2 Listable Life:
Top 10 Movies of All Time

 as dictated by me

* Schindler's List
     Historical. Emotional. Cinematography.

* Fargo
     Twisted,  Tragic. Desperate.

* Hangover
     Hillarious. Original. Uncomfortable.

* Glory
      Proud. Strong. Patriotic.

* The Shawshank Redemption
      Freeing. Loyalty. Determination.

* The Color Purple
     Sisterly. Southern. Values.

* Office Space
     Stapler. Stapler. Flair.

* The Thomas Crown Affair
     Chic. Smart. Artistic.

* Apollo 13
     Voyage. Failure. Success.

* Contact
      Faith. Science. New Mexico.

I still have most of these on DVD. Perhaps I watch them back to back.
How about you? Any of these on your all time faves list?
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  1. Ahahahha...."Office Space: stapler, stapler, flair" That is TOO funny!
    I love how you had three words to describe each movie! Fabulous way to do this post! Thanks for linking up again! Loving all of these lists!

    1. I can be wordy (watch these comments), so I purposefully challenged myself to come up with three words each. Never mind that ALL I could think of for Office Space were "stapler" and "flair." lol

  2. The Shawshank Redemption!!! Best movie ever. Finally talked my 16 year old son into watching it and he loved it!

    1. OMG! I was like 17 when I first saw it. I cried, I was mad at the injustice of it all and I thought I was going to go to law school and free all the innocent souls that were out there. I think I got my "everything works out" attitude from watching this movie. I watch it at least once a year still.

  3. Hangover and Office Space were hysterical. AND I am from North Dakota so Fargo was particularly entertaining....especially once I moved away and returned after a year for a visit. Then I could relate to their interpretation of the accent...lol!!

    1. Hahah...Hangover (pt 1, as with all pt 2s, it didn't live up) was HILLARIOUS in a "I just got a workout" kind of way. Uncomfy at the end though...and I'm no prude. Office Space was the original ridiculous comedy - I've never worked in a corporate type office so I'm constantly wondering who works in those kinds of places. And the accent in Fargo...that was one of my FAVE partso f the movie. I was so intrigued by it (having never been to ND and not knowing if it is remotely accurate). Always felt like I was watching some foreign, indy flick when I popped that one in.

  4. I think I might be the only person here that is not a big fan of Office Space. To be quite honest I cannot think of a favorite movie that I can watch any time all the time. Well I can say that I like "Sweet Home Alabama", I love the part where Melanie says "You have a baby...in a bar!" . I like love/comedie movies. I did like "P.S. I love you" and cry everytime I see this movie.

    1. I get it. I didn't love Office Space first 50 or so times I saw it (smile). It had to grow on me. For a while, I lived in a fantastic house on the beach - with no internet or cable (and in this area, without cable or satelite, you don't have tv). Needless to say, just about all of those movies was viewed multiple times over.

  5. Fantastic list! The Thomas Crown affair is one of my all-time favorite movies as well! Chic, smart & artistic definitely sums it up. :)

    1. I LOVE the Bolero hat scene in the museum. It is just too awesome.


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