Sunday, September 18, 2011

Curtain Indecision 2011

 You could tell me
that you prefer this set of Ikea KAJSA curtains
on the main floor gigantor windows
slung low and non-functional 
in front of the top |down blinds that almost ended my marriage.

Light, flowly, patterned, cheap ($29.99 for the pair).

you could tell me you prefer 
these horizontal close set striped ones.
That I would have to make.
Out of super heavy material.
That I didn't get enough
and can't get more of
because I'm not patient enough for my 5 followers
to scour their little town Joanne's to find me more
in their home decor fabrics
table of rejects.

 I should have known it was too heavy
And I was too cheap to get enough fabric to do it right.
I bought 3 yards
at $7 a yard.

Not bad, except that I don't have curtains out of them.

All to say it wouldn't matter what you told me
because I'm hard headed.
I went back to Ikea 
and went something like this

Yes, eagle eyed observers.
I did indeed still use the first set of Ikea curtains.
LOVE where they ended up.
And how they ended up there.

But that's for another time.

The remaining indecision?

Should I stamp/stencil
these  bad boys up?
If yes, with what pattern?

I did cut off the tabs
and open up a slit of the hem on the top of the panel
to slide my rods through.

Tabs, so not my friends.


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