Saturday, September 10, 2011

Evolution - Back Flower Bed

When we first moved in to Pinehurst
Let's just say that the landscaping was hurting.
 There were undergrown shrubs and overgrown grass/weeds
and there was hardly any definition at all to any beds.


Shortly after moving in, I dug out the back flower bed.
Got all curvy with it.
I may or may not (yeah I did) have dug up
each and every rock you see
lining the edge of that bed.

It did all that digging last summer/fall.
This spring/early summer, I planted those tiny boxwoods.
Look closer.  Under the gigantic windows.
You know, the windows that make them look even tinier.

Last fall, we got around to mulching out the beds. 
With red bark mulch that totally stained his jeans.
Not mine, because I was not rolling around in the stuff.

Fast forward to end of this spring and you can kind of see
the remnants of the most amazing flowers ever.
Here, let's get closer...

 I would plant nothing but black tulips and giant king yellow daffodils
if space were not an issue.  As it is, the Peony to the left of those tulips
would come to steal my heart early summer.  
The heather, at the foot of the tulips, to the right
just FINALLY came alive.
I was so ready to sacrifice her for the space.

What's popping up in your garden this time of year?


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