Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learn from Me | Freecycle Deck Chair Fail

Remember how I came back
and showed you how horribly wrong
turned out?

All ganky and like?

Well here's another of those million year projects
that just started out sounding so good
and went so horribly wrong.

Off of Freecycle, I picked up these three chairs.

Do NOT let the photoshop skills
and rad camera angles fool you.

They were TORE up,

In need of some loving.

First, I thought I would use the stain from our fence
to redo the wood.

Then I realized that you might have to strip off the sealant to do that.
So plan B.

I decided to paint them.
And to that, I decided to take them apart.
Which meant I would have to put them back together.

You will notice,
there are lots of "extra" pieces
laying about in my garage.

I just couldn't even deal.
And I'm a girl that LOVES her a puzzle.

Impatience is my worst enemy.
The paint started chipping off 
because I wouldn't wait
weeks for it to dry. 

I'm okay with chippy.
he (who shall not be named)
is so not okay with chair parts all over the garage.

Matter of fact, he took one look at the covers
and started to chuck my chairs into the truck for a trip to the dump.

I have plans for those covers

A little dye.
A little drop cloth leftover action from the yard sale.
Another 18 months...

I call this miserable DIY fail.
They were supposed to be done for this summer
Preferably the Boeing Classic party.


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