Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reading Nook Part 2 - In progress

In my August finds post,
I may have hinted at a new obsession | collection

Okay, really, it is two new obsessions:
vintage children's books.

I do work in education after all.
No, I am not an educator.

Let it settle in.

Across from my reading nook 
There was an empty space just big enough for one of my fave Craigslist deals ever
I redid the chairs for the dining room and you can see them in this post.
But the table...

I painted the top with chalkboard paint and started on the sides.  You'll have to wait for that.
What I did finally get around to though
is that since we built the built in shelves for the office downstairs,
I have these bookcases.
I stacked them on top of the table.
After I cut off about 18 inches from the top so that they would fit.

Gave me lots of display space for thinks like this

and this

and across the top, I just laid out my newest collection

Along the side, in the mini windows letting in all of the light
that is a rare sight in these parts,
I lined up the first collection that stole my heart

What are you collecting lately?
Any other camera, vintage children's books or globe collectors out there?
Do you have a globe that lights up?
I might or might not have one of those...(smile)

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  1. Wow, love the globe collection. That microscope under glass is pretty neat too.


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