Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life of the Dinner Party | Decorating w/Plants

 I have these really awesome orchid pots
which are not in any of these pictures.

But you see,
I wanted to do something different with them.

I wanted to plant plants in them.
Not flowers.

So I picked up a Dracena Marginata Cane plant
for 9.99 from Ikea.

It had 3 canes.
I had two orchid pots and a wicker pot.

I split them apart into individual cranes
and promised myself I would not cry if they died in the next 3 days
because I split them wrong.

Thing is.  
I never get this kind of thing wrong.

No research,
just do it because I think it
and touch it with my green thumb
(who knew??)
and voila

on the dining room table
none the less

You'll notice in this shot
that a certain gold mirror
is still present
 and still very gold.

Wonder what else you might catch a glimpse of...

 Don't worry.  Only the eagle eyed would catch it.

Finally finished the upholstering the seats for the dining room chairs
And, of course, had to add a little life to this side of the room too

Small doses.
What kind of plants do you like to decorate with?


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