Monday, September 12, 2011

If I cleaned | Sponge Snobbery

If I cleaned
these would be the supplies I could not live without

Because I don't clean that often
I can go to the extremes - 
I can buy really cheap supplies (the yellow rubber scrubby rag and the white cello sponge)
and I can break the bank (Myers Clean Day, Eurosponge, specialty scrub brushes).

As you can see, those supplies are all on my black granite counter tops.
Which I hate.
Love when they are clean
hate that it takes my blood, sweat and tears
to get them to shine up properly.
Equal amounts of each at that.

In any event,
Most of my decor is black white and yellow.
So the blue sponges are just so not cool.
Sure, they are useful and functional.
But not cool.

So I picked up a couple of packs of really cheap white cello sponges from the dollar store.
Stylish. Chic!

The only thing I hate worse than the black granite counters when they are dirty,
is the glass cooktop.  Uhg.

The yellow rag with rubber scrubby dots is a God send.
Non-abrasive, but some scrubbing power to get it done.

The white eurosponge is the super thin "sponge" on the left in the photo.
It. is. awesome!

I can just dampen it, swipe it across my counters
and I get a non-streak shine that is unbelievable.

On the glass cooktop, I use the Myers window cleaner with the eurosponge
and not only does it sparkle, it also smells great.

Sometimes, I have to use my secret weapon on that stove
because spillovers are really common around these parts.

Just saying.

The finishing pieces are the scrubby brushes.
he (who shall never be named) actually bought us the palm scrubby
which I love because it fills with dishwashing liquid, that you just squirt out.
No big bulky jug of dishwashing liquid up on the sink.

The smaller slim brush with handle is just convenient for getting around edges and into small spaces.

That's all I need.
Well, and the secret weapon.

What cleaning supplies do you avoid using until the situation is just beyond bearable?


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