Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PB Knockoff fail | Eco Chandy Pt 2

So almost a year ago
By attempted, I mean I am no electrician, 
so I didn't actually wire bulbs or intend to make it a "light" (per se)
I intended to make it a "statement piece" 
that I would hang from the ceiling
in a spot where a light should be
in my reading nook

Figured the sun (yeah, I know, I live in the PNW)
would beam down on it and make it some cool Dale Chihuly looking piece or something.

Then I woke up (11 months later, or so) from that pipe dream.
And I said to myself

"self, surely you're going to NOT let those billion dollar light bulbs go to waste."

Well yes, I just might.
So I also thought to myself.

Especially after my better half saw me do this

with these

and you remember the reaction to that right
(something about "cluster#*$8@* hanging from my ceiling"
artists.  we are so misunderstood)

In any event,
no, I was not going to let those billion dollar light bulbs go to waste
Though I had originally strung them up like this

I decided to chop off the string
(used that in another project that I'll debut, oh...2012)

Now, if you look close enough in that second picture.
You can see my eco chandy dilema.
How was I going to get these lightbulbs to open up
and be the vessels they were meant to be
especially if I was too chicken to hammer and bang and drill
too hard
for fear I'd break the billion dollar light bulbs.

Well duh, folks. 
I pried the hot glued washers off the ends of my plumber's pipe fittings
(the part painted black) 

and I was able to come out with this
Only 98 more bulbs to go. Or 8

Since I had removed their strings,
I now needed some ingenious way to hang them from my ceiling
if my eco chandy vision was to become reality.
In comes handy dandy eco chandy fishing wire.
and hot glue. And some crafty knots.

Yes mom, I still bite my nails.

Then came the fun part.
Making a chandy out of all this.

We already established I am no electrician
(or carpenter for that matter)
So I decided to make an ECO (as in no energy, healthy for enviro) chandy.

So I used these

 which you will notice are NOT the hammer in anchor types,
they are the screw in drywall anchor types.

I used these because I would wrap my fishing line around the threads
(you can kind of see on the left in the photo above)
and then I would screw these into the ceiling.

Yes I am tall.
No I am not 12 feet tall.
Not even on my tip toes in high heels.

We all know my propensity to not measure or think through
the actual installment of any of my art
(remember that whole subway art hanging debacle?)

Well, I'd like to tell you that this experience went smoothly.
But I gave up on that charade long ago.

In the end
maybe it took me 4 hours,
maybe I was also watching Toddlers &Tiaras

I DID end up with this

And yes, he (who shall not be named)
walked in the door, looked up
which prompted my sidekick awesome puppy mutt to look up
and then together, they were in cahoots with that sly little
"uhm, okay" look going all night long.

Her puppy spot is right under this installment.

Then I lit some tealight candles in the handled jars at night
and I might have won them over.

And if not, maybe my consolation will be a place in the  


A girl can dream.

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  1. Wow, these are amazing. You're so patient! Don't think I could have done this, but it's an inspiring idea to file away! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Wow, what a fun idea! Love it! Good luck in the crafting with the stars!
    Nat :)

  3. You are so creative and so patient. They turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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