Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome In | Entry Progress

More and more, 
this place is looking lived in.
Not that we really use this front door.
Except when we have guests over.

Front porch plant from Fred Myer for $3.

 My fave Snake Plants (from Home Depot)

The awesome boxes for $3 each at Goodwill w/ the rest of the Awesome August Finds.

You have already seen my entry way rug at this post.

And you know how long it took to make this art from b3hd Part 1, how long it took to hang them, and how insanely focused I can be on a project.  You also already saw the clock project.

This entryway is so totally coming along.
What do you think?


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  1. Looking fab and I love the big art work. Thanks for visiting my blog last week and commenting on my rope balls...they are a lot of fun to make and as a result I seem to have developed a new obsession with rope!
    Appreciate you adding me to your blog roll too!


  2. Looking good! I tagged your blog in a post this morning. :)



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