Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ace Hardware | My $46 Bag

I'm not certain how often they do it.
But every once in a while (more than once a year, but not monthly),
my local Ace Hardware stores host the Bag Sale.

Ace Hardware is similar to a True Value 
(though I don't think they have a Blog Squad).
It isn't as big as Lowes or Home Depot.
But it carries such a wonderful variety
of randomness
just like a mom and pop hardware store should.
Although, they are a national chain.

that I bought my awesome gardening boots at.
(actually, it's an Ace - who knew??)

And there is a local chain called McClendon's
 (midway between big national store/mom&pop)
that I shop at all the time for plants

I digress.
$46 dollars and about 17 minutes later,
I crammed all of THIS into my "ONE bag" 
to get a 20% discount on everything that would fit.

Hey.  That Zinnser is PRICEY. 
And I really wanted to try ACE brand spray paint.
LOVE that lemony yellow color.
Oh and I have a cool project on deck for the lacquer.
Not sure if I want to use spray lacquer or epoxy.
Certain I will die of fume inhalation before it is all said and done.

I LOVE the fish fertilizer
and would buy 5 gallons at a time.
Probably overkill much.
I'm going to try the VF-11 as I start seeds this year.

Speaking of starting seeds,
here was my splurge purchase

See starter pellets.  
I kind of think I like my newspaper buckets.
But thinking for more substantial single seed pots
these might work.

I'm starting organic soybeans
from @DollarSeed (find them on Twitter)
 in those pellets.

My husband says that after the 50% markup at Ace/Tru Value
(can you tell where he prefers NOT to shop)
that my 20% off almost got me down to competitive market rates.
But I bought only products that I KNEW comparison prices for 
and the savings did actually add up.
Especially since I didn't just run through the aisles at multiple stores
buying all sorts of nonsense because it was on sale.

Amazing how much money you end up NOT saving
when you shop like that.

What have you been up to in the aisles of your local hardware store lately?
We'll see how that goes.

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