Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He Garden's Too - Lawn Care

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As spring is springing up around here,
some of you might think I'm the only one gardening around these parts.
Well, he gardens too.
Although his "gardening" is truly about
keeping our lawn green.
Which is important
because our backyard sits right above the t-box for the 9th hole
At TPC Snoqualmie
Which means our backyard is on tv at least once a year
for the Boeing Classic Master's Tourney.
When we first moved in,
It looked like this:
Here is what it looked like last year:
Gorgeous right?
Let me tell you how our marriage almost ended over this "progress"
See, I'm a little particular
when it comes to storing my garden supplies.
There is a trunk
on our back porch
that we have to share.
I long ago gave up storing big bags of various supplies
and I pleaded with him to find another option
for all of his various half bags of seed and fertilizer and what not.
To me, it was bad enough
that our perfect backyard oasis

is marred with the shot
of a big old lawnmower
and (now)
a generator
in the mix with the big brown box.
Never mind that all of our bags of magic workers
never ever seem to all fit in the box.
When I heard about Scotts® Snap® Spreader System,
I might have thought for a hot moment that my nirvana had arrived.
Imagine my alarm when I saw him eyeballing one on tv

and searching the internets to get him a new toy.
Thankfully, he had a Costco errand to run so he got a powerwasher instead.
I'm sure that will end up on the back porch heap too.
After powerwashing everything in sight,
he pitter pattered around in the yard a bit.
I could see the wheels turning as he thought of ways to try to convince me
why we needed a Scotts® Snap® Spreader System.
Not like there are not a hundred and one testimonials out there
well, at least this one
You know,
I think I'm game to bring one home and try it.
Our lawn is almost to where we want it to be.
And I'm not a fan of his hand held spreader
because half of the pellets end up in my garden
which is not so good for half my plants.
I'm a little dubious of any system that claims
to take the math out of gardening for you
just because our lawn is a bit atypical.
I'm willing to give it a try given that
this product promises to
1. Take the mess out of lawn seeding and fertilizing
(the Snap Pack actually self-seals when you take it out of the spreader)
2. Take the back breaking cut and pour work out of lawn fertilizing
(those bags are HEAVY, the Snap Pac is compact and easy!)
3. Keep grass seed (uhg) and fertilizer out of my garden
(the EdgeGuard feature keeps it all where you want it - on the lawn)
What say you?
Worth a try?
 "Like" Snap perks on Facebook
For lots of great perks and contests.
If you win something good,
(or buy a snap spreader), show me your lawn.
I'll let you know how mine comes along this year.


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