Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Green Thumb

I've half heartedly started some seeds this year.
More on that in another post.

some of the other plants around the place,
are hanging in there

Especially when I decide to remember to water my house plants.
What is the best way to remember to water your house plants?

Watch the brown leaves fall off
and remind yourself to stop being such a crevil plant killer.
(Crevil = crazy + evil; btw - the WORST kind of plant killer).

 Orchids, gorgeous as they are, are really not that high maintenance.
Throw a couple of ice cubs on the soil
once a week
and you've just figured out the
Easiest and Simplest Way to keep an Orchid alive for months on end.
Or, more simply.
You've learned how to minimally care for an orchid.

Never mind that I killed the baby orchid in my bathroom.
I'm still sentimentally sad about that.

All things considered, 
I got not only two dozen rozes,
but also this gorgeous orchid for Valentine's Day.
The roses were...
(in his words which were a little stronger than that)

I'm just happy to be married to a super thoughtful guy
who might or might not have pre-ordered me the new iPad.
As a "thanks for being my baby's mama...oh wait, we don't have any babies"

Love. Him.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Consider this my green!


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