Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Springing Up

This post brought to you by Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.. All opinions are 100% mine.
Months ago,
(aka, last year),
I waited forever and a day before getting my bulbs in the ground.
It might have been November,
when I was fondly looking upon my dried alliums and said to myself
"Self, get out there and plant that massive pile of bulbs."
I might have threatened myself with an "or else."
While I dream of a whole field of yellow tulips 
along the hard to grow strip on the side of my house
The reality is that I might get a few giant black tulips in the backyard
and enough long, pretty allium stems
to convince myself their slow growing (but long lasting) nature is worth it.
All of this is to say that I live in the Pacific Northwest
and I am more than ready for Spring to spring on up around here.
So the other day,
I decided to visit www.digdropdone.com to learn more about the various
 types of bulbs I should be trying here.
You know. To get out of tulipville.
Being the avid pinner that I am,
I of course had to stop at the Bulb Inspiration library first.
This was just one of the many images that made me swoon
in the Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done library.

Exploring a little more, I  clicked on the Bulb Browser
where I used the drop down selection menu to select a Spring bloom time
and then clicked the button to "show me some bulbs"
I didn't worry about the light requirements
because true to my life,
I have some shady spots
mixed with a ton and a half
of sweet, sunny moments.
Boy was I in for a treat with the next set of generated images.
Dreamy Giant Alliums (which I admit, I covet) and sweet crocus...
Then I did a bit more exploring and I came across the Garden Guru tool
    United States
These tools are always tricky for me
because I have no sense of distance
and often put my "place" a good 200 miles east of where I really am.
In El Paso, TX and even Las Cruces, NM
it was always obvious and easy.
No matter.
I noted that I
1.) live in the US,
2.) picked out a color spot in the PNW that  looked like Snoqualmie and noted that I
3.) wanted an April bloom time.
This is the planting guide I got back:
  As I was back browsing through the galleries to learn more about
 scilla, it was about this time
that I noticed the ladies hanging out in the side bar.

Bulb Tip from Evelyn - Summer flower bulbs over winter
Though the tips were cute and the ladies kitschy,
gotta say I didn't stop for tea with any of them.
I did like that Evelyn, in all her charming glory, noted that
bulbs in pots on the porch are a must.
Now THAT is a woman after my own heart.
Did you know that our BFF @TaniyaNayak teamed up with Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done
for the awesome Curbside Chaos.$5000 yard makeover contest?
All you have to do is enter a picture of your yard  by April 15th
to Curbside Chaos for a chance to win.
I bet some of you are thinking "really, I don't have space or patience for bulbs."
I'll tell you from experience that forcing bulbs indoors
- and I'm not talking just paperwhites and Amaryllis at Christmas time -
but regular spring bulb forcing indoors is
super fun, super easy,
and a super crafty gift to give.
This time of year, I take a rotation of potted bulbs in to my office to have a splash of bright yellow as I look out at the dark gray March and April skies.
I could wait for May flowers.
But really, Why wait, right?
Are you super impatient for Spring?
Well then you should take a cyber stroll over to www.digdropdone.com.
It is such a fun website full of tips, trick and know how and hey - who can't use $5000 and the help of Tanyia to redo your yard.
If that isn't your thing, at least stop by real quick to share the contest on Twitter.
For every share, Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done will donate $1.00 to Rebuilding Together which (as a Junior Leaguer) is a program near and dear to my heart.
All said, I need to go find a photo to upload.
My sideyard could use some bulb help.
That is for sure.
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