Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Charlie Harper Follows me on Pinterest | How About You?

While checking my gmail inbox, 
I came across this

and then this

Perhaps he is expecting

Or he just likes my woody style.
No matter.

Charlie Harper 
is following B3HDtheBlOG on Pinterest!

Never mind that I couldn't actually place WHO 
Charlie Harper was.
But aside from the fact 
that this was one of the 7 boys on Pinterest
who actually hit my radar
and I had a nagging feeling 
that I KNEW this "Charlie" dude
I did a little searching

Gotta say it was a much needed laugh.
How about you though?

Is Charlie stalking you on Pinterest?
And why are YOU not stalking ME on Pinterest?

Just. Saying.
What some people won't do
to increase their pin traffic.

Search Charlie Harper on Pinterest.
Out. Of. Control.


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  1. When I saw the post title, I was thinking of Charley Harper even though I knew he died a few years ago. And he would like woody things, too!

    1. Now THAT would be giggle worthy. Of the "OMG" nervous giggle sort.

  2. I'm now your Pinterest follower. :) Really enjoy your blog. I'll be re-pinning some of your awesome pins.

    1. Thanks! And when you do some of the projects, let me know. I'll live vicariously through you (smile).


  3. I'm now following you on Pinterest. Already saw some things I plan to re-pin. :) Really enjoy your blog.


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