Thursday, March 22, 2012

The forgetful gardener - Bulbs in my home

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Some of you are sitting on your back porch sipping lemonade in your winter parkas
watching the bulbs come up.

Some of you are impatient and have gone to your grocery store, nursery, florist or Home Depot and Lowes to get really cute pots of potted bulbs that are all blooming right about now.

And then there is me. 
The girl still sitting at her computer
wondering where fall went
and why she still has 60ish (okay, 57) bulbs left to plant.

That isn't counting the paperwhites or Amaryllis 
that you Instagram followers know I already forced.

 - Note to non-Instagram followers - 
You can see all sorts of lovely pictures
of forced Paperwhites and forced Amaryllis
if you go over there in my sidebar to the right
and click on Instagram.
Even if you are NOT on Instagram,
that link takes you to a neat website where you can stalk
all of my bulb growing prowess
and all the rest of the random tidbits in life.
Finish reading this post before you click through there.

As I was saying about those bulbs that I forgot to plant.
Never fear.

I researched what I should do with them.
On pinterest of course.
Because Dig Drop Done has a great set of bulb boards up.

As I sat determined to not let another bulb filled holiday pass me by
I realized that I'm just about in time for Easter - if not Mother's Day.

Surely, I can force some potted bulbs on my dining room table?


Here's a really cute, super easy project to try.


All you need are a couple of small pots of potted bulbs
(mine will be Home Depot or Lowes
whichever Thank You Gift Cards come first)
and some moss to cover up the pots.

Then stop by the thrift store (with purpose people!)
and get a great pot to sit your potted bulbs in.

Too. Simple.


iBulb is the flowering initiative from Anthos, Hollan’s Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs. The foundation is, evidently brand new (as in Januar,y 2012 new) and their focus is on the promotion, research and market access to, you guessed it, Dutch flower bulbs. Yes, I know, you are thinking tulips. But if you go to iBulb, you can get your education on in regards to all the neat bulbs that our happy friends bring to our Easter tables.

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Are you forcing any bulbs this year? 

Do you need help figuring out how to do it?
Do you have any neat tips and tricks on how to ensure success?

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