Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bloom Into Spring Exchange w/ OneHouse|OneCouple

Want to do something fun with bloggie people offline?

Then run (no really, you only have until Monday the 19th so RUN)
to OneHouse|OneCouple and sign up for the Bloom into Spring Exchange.

A. Who doesn't like giving perfect strangers 
(well, stranger singular in this case - you only get one partner)
your IRL mailing address?

B. Who doesn't like getting actual mail in the mail?

C. Who doesn't like shopping - especially for others?

D. Why the heck not?!?

Maybe we'll get linked up as spring buddies.
And I must say...someone (maybe me) is getting ready to open up an Etsy shop.
Full of Spring Stuff (and a bunch of other hoarded curated goods)
And though there is a $15 spending limit
If I already have it on hand, then any of those additions don't count towards the limit.

Don't you love how people interpret rules now a days?

I digress.
Get yourself over to OneHouse|One Couple and sign up today!
Who's in?


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  1. Wow, this is my new favorite blog! I love you guys!

    Hilarious. "Who doesn't like giving their address to a stranger?" lol!

    I read your about the bloggers section and you guys rock! And I hopped on over and liked you on facebook!

    We're gonna announce partners on tuesday because we're having signups through Monday. See you at the blogger exchange!



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